Exchange Student Opportunity at Rikkyo University, Japan (2017)

Rikkyo University is one of major private universities in Japan. It is an Ewha's partner institution, having about 20,000 students and 500 international students. The Department of Korean Studies is recruiting a student who wants to study at Rikkyo University as an exchange student in 2017.

Rikkyo University offers several courses in Japanese Studies in English such as:

Spring 2016

Modern Japanese History 1
Japanese Society 1
Politics and Economy 1
Japanese Culture 1
Japan in Asia 1

Fall 2016

Environmental Studies in Japan
Modern Japanese History 2
Japanese Society 2
Japanese Culture 2
Politics and Economy 2
Tokyo Studies
Japan in Asia 2

Besides, exchange students can take Japanese language courses offered by Center for Japanese Language Education of Rikkyo University.

The expected costs for studying as an exchange student at Rikkyo:
1. Regular tuition at Ewha
2. Housing
RUID Asakadai and Shiki
Spring (April-July): 214,800 yen
Fall (September-February): 322,200 yen
RIR Shiinamachi
Spring (April-July): 216,000 yen
Fall (September-February): 324,000 yen
* Not including additional fees for meal plan, bedclothes rental service and utility fees.
Student Commuter Pass: 3 months about 12,000 yen, 6 months about 23,000 yen
Student Insurance: National health insurance (required) about 1,000 per month, Rikkyo student insurance 3,500 yen per year.

For more information, please contact department secretary (


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