2016의 게시물 표시

Course Offering Spring 2017

Freshmen Course

37549 General Introduction to Korea (Prof. Kyong-Mi Kwon) T3, Th2
         1202 International Education Building (IEB)

Sophomore Course

37550 Introduction to Korean History (Prof.Michael Pettid) M5, W4
         601 IEB

This course will seek to provide students a broad understanding of Korean history over the last two millennia.  Rather than simply provide a ruling class history, this course will attempt to bring other histories to light, including those of the ruled classes, women, and other disenfranchised by the hegemonic governing structures.  By so doing, it is hoped that students will gain an appreciation of the diversity of Korean history and the various people who lived it. Given the vast amount of materials and the relative dearth of time in the course, we will focus primarily on major themes in Korean history rather than a chronological examination of historical ‘facts.’  Students should, by the close of the course, be able to identify the ‘whys’ of history and …

Job Opening - The Korea Foundation

[Job Opening] Full-time English Editor

The Korea Foundation is seeking a native or native-level English speaker for the position of a full-time copy editor.
Job deion ■ Review and edit official letters, agreements, contracts, publications (periodicals), press releases, and draft speeches for the Foundation President and Executive-Vice President
■ Conduct English language interviews for job applicants (two or three times a year)
■ Teach basic English writing skills to the newly recruited Korean staff (twice a year, for two hours per each class) Qualifications ■ Native or native-level English speaker with education (minimum four years) conducted in English in a majority English speaking country.
■ Professional copy-editing experience (minimum three years)
■ Undergraduate degree, preferably in international studies (advanced degree preferred)
■ Strong interpersonal and intercultural communication skills Terms and conditions ■ Contract period: January 16, 2017 to January 15, 2018 (one year)

Harvard-Yenching Institute Information Session (Regional Studies-East Asia MA Program)

Harvard-Yenching Institute

Fellowship Program Information Session at Ewha

Speaker: Lindsay Strogatz, Program Manager, Harvard-Yenching Institute

Date: November 9, 2016 (Wed)

Time: 14:00-15:00

Location: 학생문화관 소극장

- Introduction to Harvard-Yenching Institute
- Eligibility and Selection Process for HYI Visiting Scholar and Fellow Programs
- Suggestions for Preparing a Strong Application
- Regional Studies-East Asia (RSEA) Master's Program Fellowship
- Other HYI activities in Asia
- Q&A

Korean Studies Colloquium at Ewha (31/10/2016)

Speaker: Dr.Uri Kaplan (Visiting Fellow, Kyujanggak Institute of Seoul National University)
Title: The Resurrection of Confucian Education in Contemporary Korea

Date: 31 October 2016

Time: 5:30 pm

Location: 803 International Education Building, Ewha Womans University


Outside Scholarship for International Students in South Korea

There are a couple of scholarship opportunities for international students in South Korea. Please check this linked website of "Study in Korea run by Korean Government."

So, the department strongly recommends international applicants to make a reasonable plan for your tuition and expense before you apply. 

Korean Government Scholarship for undergraduates


Non-government Private Foundation


Employment Opportunity (Journalism)

NK News is currently hiring for the following positions, listed below:
Chief Editor (Korean Service)Translator-Journalist (Korean Service)Marketing Manager (Korean Service)
Chief Editor (Korean Service)(Seoul-based, but remote working also possible in long-term)
NK News (NK Consulting Inc) seeks a full-time Chief Editor to manage the forthcoming NK News Korean language service.
Managing a team including a junior translator / journalist and social media / marketing specialist, the Chief Editor will be responsible for all aspects of the Korean-language service.
Primary duties will include developing an editorial calendar of news and feature content to be translated into Korean and ensuring its on-time delivery, optimizing translated content for the South Korea media environment, overseeing Korean-language social media output, and working to establish content sharing partnerships with local Korean media services.
A strong news sense, creative approach to the topic, demonstrable editorial e…

Special Lecture by John Everard, former UK Ambassador to North Korea (September 8, 2016)


About a course of Sharing Leadership 나눔 리더쉽 in Fall 2016

Sharing Leadership 나눔 리더쉽 will not be offered in English in this fall semester. It will be open only in Korean.

HOKMA college, which is in charge of this course, is unable to offer it in English for some reasons this year. But, it says that Sharing Leadership will be offered in English in fall 2017.

Internship Opportunity (AHK)

한독상공회의소 인턴쉽 KGCCI offers 2-3 internship opportunities to German and Korean students who wish to experience the various tasks of a German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. If available, interns work on a special project. Additionally, they are integrated into the daily work of the Chamber, e.g. writing proposals, research, market studies, events etc. and have the chance to gain a substantial insight into special fields related to the Korean economy, jurisdiction and business. If you are interested in interning with KGCCI, please submit your application documents (motivation letter and CV in German or English as well as your latest certificates). If you start an internship in our chamber, you will receive a package of relevant information about the job and life in Korea itself.

Internship Opportunity (The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea)

주한 이탈리아 인턴쉽 주한 이탈리아 상공회의소 에서는 한 명에서 두 명 정도의 이탈리아인 혹은 한국인 인턴을 모집하고 있습니다. 인턴쉽 기간은 3개월에서 6개월 입니다.
인턴의 주 업무는 상공회의소의 일반적인 업무 보조와 메일 주소록 준비뿐 만 아니라 상공회의소에서 주관하는 국내 혹은 이탈리아 행사나 프로젝트 수행을 보조 해야 합니다. 주한 이탈리아 상공회의소 인턴쉽을 통해 한국 경제와 한-이탈리아 비즈니스 관계에 대해 지식과 경험을 얻을 수 있을 것입니다.

인턴쉽에 관심이 있는 분들은 이력서(자기 소개서와 영문 이력서)를 itcck@itcck.org 로 보내주시길 바랍니다.

La Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea offre abitualmente una o due posizioni di stage per giovani coreani ed italiani, di durata compresa tra 3 e 6 mesi.

Il principale compito degli stagisti e’ quello di fornire supporto alle attivita’ quotidiane della ITCCK, la preparazione di mailing list, il contatto con aziende ed istituzioni coreane ed italiane, oltre alla cooperazione con lo staff dell’ufficio nell’organizzazione di eventi e progetti sia nella Repubblica di Corea che in Italia.

Grazie alla completa integrazione degli stagisti nelle attivita’ quotidiane della ITCCK, viene dunque offerta la possibilita’ di acquisire una profonda comprensione del campo di la…

Links for Employment Information

1. French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (La FKCCI)


2. Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK)


3. The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ITCCK)


To be updated (August 2016)

Internship Opportunity, Fall 2016 (The Korea Society)

The Korea Society is recruiting interns for the fall.

Fall Term 2016


The Korea Society is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) organization with individual and corporate members and is dedicated solely to the promotion of greater awareness, understanding and cooperation between the peoples of the United States and Korea. In pursuit of its mission, the Society arranges programs that facilitate discussion, exchanges and research on topics of vital interest to both countries in the areas of public policy, business, education, intercultural relations and the arts. Funding for these programs is derived from contributions, endowments, grants, membership dues and program fees. From its base in New York City, the Society serves audiences across the country through its own outreach efforts and by forging strategic alliances with counterpart organizations throughout the United States and in Korea.

The Korea Society’s Policy & Corporate Affairs program division is seeking…

Information for Course Registration (Convergence Courses)

All Ewha students should complete the requirements of Convergence Elective (융복합교양) and Convergence Basic (융합기초). This rule, however, only applies to those who entered the University from 2016.  

1. Convergence Elective (융복합기초): four courses (12 credits) are required.

There are many courses taught in Korean. Here is the list of 'Convergence Elective' courses taught in English.

11183 The Story of Human Language 11165 Topics in Multiethnic American Literature 11186 Evolutionary Origin of Humans 11190 The Art of Thinking 11116 Introduction to World Music and Culture 11164 Contemporary Photography 10930 Behavior of Animals 11159 General Biology 11188 Introduction to Ethnic Conflict and Management 11161 Social and Cultural Impact of Video Games 11162 Middle Eastern Political Theology: Religious Sources 11163 Literacy in the 21st Century 10619 Religion and Culture in Modern Korea
2.  Convergence Basic (융합기초): one course (3 credit) is required.

At present, there is no Convergence Basic course offere…

Internship Courses & Related Information

Internship Courses:

- Korean Studies Internship I (Spring, 2017)
- Korean Studies Internship II (Fall, 2017)
- Korean Studies Internship III (Spring, Fall, 2017)

Students can claim major credits from their internship experiences in summer, winter or even during regular semester. The number of credits (1, 2, or 3) depends on their working hours at the institutions of offering internship programs. The Korean Studies strongly recommends major students to consider having internship in their 3rd or 4th year. Also, it would be the best to work at public institutions or major companies which may help their career building in South Korea and oversea. Please contact the department secretary or chair if you have a plan to take these courses in 2017.

For example,

The U.S. Department of State has student internship at East Asian and Pacific Affairs (EAP) in Geographic Bureau. Korean students can apply to the U.S. Embassy in Seoul for internship, but American students should apply to internship a…

Prof. Heather Willoughby on Podcast (Korea and the World)

Prof.Heather Willoughby appeared in the Podcast of Korea and the World in January 2016.

Here is the link:




Prof. Sharon Yoon on Podcast (Korea and the World)

Prof.Sharon Yoon at Korean Studies Department had an interview with Korea and the World in April 2016.

Here is the link:



Exchange Student Opportunity at Rikkyo University, Japan (2017)

Rikkyo University is one of major private universities in Japan. It is an Ewha's partner institution, having about 20,000 students and 500 international students. The Department of Korean Studies is recruiting a student who wants to study at Rikkyo University as an exchange student in 2017.

Rikkyo University offers several courses in Japanese Studies in English such as:

Spring 2016

Modern Japanese History 1
Japanese Society 1
Politics and Economy 1
Japanese Culture 1
Japan in Asia 1

Fall 2016

Environmental Studies in Japan
Modern Japanese History 2
Japanese Society 2
Japanese Culture 2
Politics and Economy 2
Tokyo Studies
Japan in Asia 2

Besides, exchange students can take Japanese language courses offered by Center for Japanese Language Education of Rikkyo University.

The expected costs for studying as an exchange student at Rikkyo:
1. Regular tuition at Ewha
2. Housing
RUID Asakadai and Shiki
Spring (April-July): 214,800 yen
Fall (September-February): 322,200 yen
RIR Shiinamac…

Global Korean Studies Student Conference at Sogang University (Summer 2017)

Korean Studies program at Ewha will join annual student conference hosted by Korean Studies program at Sogang University. We are looking for Ewha students who can join this conference as our student representatives. It will be an exciting opportunity to meet and socialize with students at other universities.

Date: 16 July 2017 (Saturday)
Location: Sogang University

If you are interested in this event, please feel free to contact Prof. Ro (sro@ewha.ac.kr).

Course Offerings for Fall 2016

Introduction to Korean Music (전공선택)
Heather Willoughby

T6, Th4
601 International Education Building

This course is designed to introduce the student to a variety of music cultures from Korea. By studying specific pieces of music, we will explore some of the ways in which Koreans have historically and culturally approached concepts of sound, acoustic arts, music and performance practices. In the process the student will increase her listening skills, gain a vocabulary with which to intellectually discuss music, and learn to analyze certain aspects of music, meaning, and culture. (However, the no prerequisite knowledge of or experience with music is necessary) In so doing, we will investigate issues of identity (including gender identity), class, historiography, aesthetics and culture and philosophical ideologies.

North Korean Society and Culture (전공선택)
Kyong-Mi D. Kwon

T3, Th2
601 International Education Building

With the recent passing of Kim Joing-il and the new "supreme l…

Welcome New Faculty to Korean Studies

Korean Studies has a new teaching faculty this fall semester.

Inhye Han, from the University of California, San Diego, will join us from fall semester as one of our teaching faculty. Professor Han is Research Professor at Ewha Womans University's Institute for the Humanities. She received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of California, San Diego (2014). Her current book project, Inter-Colonial Contradictions: Transcending National Narratives in Colonial East Asia, examines colonial-to-colonial cultural relations among the Japanese colonies of Korea, Taiwan, and semicolonized China. Professor Han's research interests include colonial East Asian literature and film, comparative hermeneutics in East Asia, diaspora studies, religion and empire studies. Her recent article "The Afterlives of An Chunggun in Republican China" appeared in Cross-Currents: East Asian Culture and History Review no.17 (2015). For more information, please visit http://eih.e…

Grant Award (Korean Language Class for Korean Studies Major Students)

Korean Language Class won ACE Scholarship in 2016.

Every semester, the department hires one or two Korean language teachers for non-credit language class and table. This year of 2016, this language class is awarded by ACE scholarship of Ewha Womans University. The total amount of 1,000,000 won will be spent for free textbooks, student workshops, and student essay contests. There are two classes: one for intermediate level (TOPIK level 3-4) and one beginner level (level 1-2). The language instructor of this year is Ms. Shim Myong-un, a Ph.D. student at Department of Korean Studies, GSIS in Korean language education. Congratulations!

FAQ of students

Q: I am a freshman in Korean Studies. Is it mandatory to take General Introduction to Korea?
A: No. It is basically optional. You can decide three courses from General Introduction to Korea, Introduction to Economics, World History, Introduction to International Politics, and Introduction to International Business. However, the Department of Korean Studies strongly recommends its students to take General Introduction to Korea, because it is a foundational core course of our major.

Q: Do I have to master TOPIK level 4 before I graduate? A: No. It is not mandatory to all students. However, if you receive EGPP scholarship, you have to improve your Korean language skill up to level 4 before graduation. In addition, you may have advantages to secure inside and outside fellowships if you have TOPIK level 4. Also, the department believes that its students should be able to speak, write, and read Korean language in sufficient levels when they are about to finish the undergraduate program.

Q: Wh…

Course Offering for Summer 2016

Seminar Abroad: Theory and Practive in Global Korean Studies
June 18-28, Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kamakura

In this seminar abroad, students will travel to Tokyo, Japan and will participate in seminars and lectures taught by several professors at Ewha and her partner universities, Rikkyo and International Christian University. This seminar is intended to provide a chance for Ewha students to explore various issues related to South Korea and Japan. Crossing the border from South Korea to Japan will open up new perspectives on East Asia past and present, which is now facing new challenges and problems beyond national borders. Students will also explore Tokyo's Shitamachi area and visit National Museum, Tsukiji Fish Market in order to read South Korea and Japan from cross-cultural perspectives (Sang-ho Ro).

Ewha Womans Univeristy will provide free round-trip tickets to participants of this course.

Korean Studies B.A. Program Brochure (Spring 2016)

Ewha Korean Studies Admissions

Application Schedule

Submission Period of Application Form and Other Documents:

January-February (1st round), April-May (2nd round) for Fall entrance. September- October (1st round) for Spring entrance.

Notification of Admissions Decision (including scholarship):

March (1st round), June (2nd round) for Fall entrance. November for Spring entrance.

* Schedule may change. So, please contact department secretary or admission office (http://enter.ewha.ac.kr)

Language Proficiency Requirement:

Applicants must meet one of the following language requirements.

1. Topik level 3 for new students and Topik level 4 for transfer students.

2. Completing level 4 or above Korean Language Intensive program in Ewha Language Center.

3. English: TOEFL (iBT) 80, IELTS 5.5, TEPS 550.

4. High school diploma or bachelor's degree from Korean or English speaking institutions.

5. Recognition as possessing sufficient proficiency in Korean or English language by Ewha Womans University.

Required Documents:

1. Ap…

Spring Reception (18 March 2016)


Scholarship information for students

Scholarship Opportunities in Korean Studies Undergraduate Program Scholarships at Ewha Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) Application Period: students must apply for the scholarship in their University application. Eligibility: Students must be from a developing country in Asia and Africa. Students should demonstrate their high potential to become a female leader. Full tuition fee (including admission fee), on-campus housing fee, plus stipend. International Exchange Scholarship (IES) Application Period: students must apply for the scholarship in their University application. Eligibility: Students are deemed capable of contributing to international exchange in education. Students should keep their GPA above the minimum requirement to maintain their scholarship. The benefit varies from full-tuition-fee exemption for four years to half-tuition-fee exemption for one year.