Information for Course Registration (Convergence Courses)

All Ewha students should complete the requirements of Convergence Elective (융복합교양) and Convergence Basic (융합기초). This rule, however, only applies to those who entered the University from 2016.  

1. Convergence Elective (융복합기초): four courses (12 credits) are required.

There are many courses taught in Korean. Here is the list of 'Convergence Elective' courses taught in English.

11183 The Story of Human Language
11165 Topics in Multiethnic American Literature
11186 Evolutionary Origin of Humans
11190 The Art of Thinking
11116 Introduction to World Music and Culture
11164 Contemporary Photography
10930 Behavior of Animals
11159 General Biology
11188 Introduction to Ethnic Conflict and Management
11161 Social and Cultural Impact of Video Games
11162 Middle Eastern Political Theology: Religious Sources
11163 Literacy in the 21st Century
10619 Religion and Culture in Modern Korea

2.  Convergence Basic (융합기초): one course (3 credit) is required.

At present, there is no Convergence Basic course offered in English. But, the University will offer new courses in English soon.

Those who entered Ewha in 2015 may not complete the requirement of 'Convergence Elective' and 'Convergence Basic'. Instead, they should take five courses (15 credits) in the category of 'Convergence Elective.'


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