New teaching faculty of spring 2017, welcome to Korean Studies (2017년 봄학기 신임교원소개)

Please welcome our new teaching faculty of spring 2017!

Dr. Myoung-sun (Kelly) Song (Ewha undergraduate, English language & literature, class 2008) and Dr. Ji-hye Ha (Ewha undergraduate, Korean language & literature, class 2007) will join our program from this spring semester.

Dr. Myoung-sun Song received her Ph.D. in Communication from University of Southern California, USA in 2016 and has been teaching at Sogang University. She will teach Multi-culturalism and Korean Society

Here are news articles introducing her recent books and works.


Dr. Ji-hye Ha received her Ph.D. in Korean Language Education from Ewha Womans University in 2016. She teaches Korean language for international students at Yonsei Language Center. She will teach Reading Academic Korean I.

2017년 봄학기 신임교원 소개

송명선 박사: 미국 USC Communication 박사(2016), 이화여대 영어영문학과 졸업
하지혜 박사: 이화여대 한국어교육 박사(2016), 이화여대 국어국문학과 졸업

송명선 박사님은 Multi-culturalism and Korean Society를, 하지혜 박사님은 Reading Academic Korean I을 담당할 예정입니다.


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