2017 Summer Courses in Korean Studies

37568 Advanced Topics in East Asian Religion (Prof.Marc Mullinax)

Prof.Mullinax is a faculty of Ewha International Summer Co-ed College and Professor at Department of Religion in Mars Hill University, North Carolina, USA.

Course description

Religion's concern is that which ultimately concerns. The religions of East Asia are culturally-rich sacred quests by their members to develop stories and narratives of meaning about how their visible world works according to unseen laws and forces. Each religion has developed its own vocabulary by which it comes to a partial understanding of, and agreement with such unseen forces. Therefore, each East Asian religion is historically conditioned and culturally enriched; this course will be a rigorous exploration of how East Asian worldviews have developed these religious perspectives.

37564 Korean Film & Media Studies (Prof. Steve Choe)

Prof. Choe is a faculty of Ewha International Summer Co-ed College and Associate Professor at San Francisco State University, USA.

Course description

A 2010 news article for the Korean Herald begins: "Picking a Korean film to watch is like flipping a coin. Either you get something sweet and saccharine or you get something vicious and violent." In this course, we will look at both types of films that come out of Korea since 2000, including My Sassy Girl (2001), Lady Vengeance (2005), and The Wailing (2016). We will attempt to understand Korean cinema in the new millennium as art that purposes new ways of being, thinking, and relating to others. Issues to be covered include: the ethics of neoliberal capitalism, the spectacle of cinematic violence, morality and film genre, and the critique of melodrama. Course materials and discussion will be conducted in English.


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