Korean Studies Courses for Spring 2018

Sophomore-level Courses

37551 Introduction to Korean Politics (Professor Ki-Suk Cho)

This course introduces basics of Korean politics. The course is designed to briefly review the modern history of Korean politics and analyze the dynamics of contemporary Korean politics. It will introduce four different epistemological perspectives useful in analyzing politics and social phenomena. Epistemology is like a lens through which we view the world. The course will cover the definition of politics, the contemporary Korean politics and civil society including major political institutions (legislature, political parties, and intermediary groups such as labor union, women’s groups and religious organizations), political culture, elections, history of civil society and civic activism. Prior knowledge of the Korean politics or political theories is not required. Throughout the semester, students will read famous Korean novels to understand Korean society and politics.

37553 Introduction to Modern Korean Literature (Professor Kyong-Mi D. Kwon)

37555 Understanding Korean Society (Professor Sharon Yoon)

37552 Reading Academic Korean I (Professor Ji-hye Ha) 

This course is for those who want to develop Korean language as their second language. Students are strongly recommended to raise their TOPIK level to level 3 before taking this course. 이 수업은 외국어로서 한국어를 공부하고자 하는 학생들을 위한 수업으로 최소한 한국어능력시험 3급 수준의 학생들에게 권장함.

Junior-level Courses

37562 Everyday Life in Modern Korea (Professor Sang-ho Ro)

This course is a seminar course for juniors and seniors in Korean Studies and East Asian Studies major. Students will explore modern and contemporary history, society and culture of Korea through reading and visual texts. By taking inter-disciplinary methods of humanity and social studies, we will analyze the formation and crisis of South Korean everyday life. Especially, this course is intended to investigate the historical nature of middle-class and working-class people in South Korea before and after June Revolution in 1987. And, the course will end up with discussing on current changes of South Korea after its neo-liberal reformation in the latest decade. Students must participate in weekly discussions in English. Korean language proficiency is not required. 

37564 Korean Film and Media Studies (Professor Jiyoung Han)

This course will explore how Korean cinema reflects historical and current dynamics shaping the relationship between mass media and contemporary Korean society. The course will also analyze and discuss representations and misrepresentations in Korean film through theoretical lens of mass communication. The course constitutes three main sub-sections of media as a personal tool of communication, media effects on the formation of public opinion, and norms and stereotypes. This seminar will introduce students to current issues pertaining to media portrayal of social reality, show multiple points of view concerning said issues, and encourage students to develop his or her own perspectives. 

37565 Topics in East Asian Culture (Professor Inhye Han) 

(The course title is changed from Ethnographies of East Asia)

This course examines critical issues that East Asian writers and intellectuals tackled in the first half of the twentieth century, the so-called Japanese colonial era. The issues include "comfort women" (sexual slavery), Nanjing massacre, proletarian literature, art for art's sake in colonial East Asia, anarchism, pan-Asianism, fascism, Manchukuo (Japan's puppet state in Manchuria), literary collaborators, propaganda films and literature, and colonial transnationalism. The course introduces students classical literature and film in Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan during the imperial period and tracks the transnational circulation and consumption of those works.

37577 Culture and Creative Industry Business in Korea (Professor Alex Kim) 

(The course title is changed from Traditions of Political Thoughts in East Asia)

The aim of the course is to provide a rigorous and comprehensive introduction to contemporary marketing management practice in the creative industries including culture related businesses. The participants learn how to analyze complex business situations, identify underlying problems and decide on the courses of actions with the help of the modern marketing management techniques. The students learn the concepts and skills of contemporary marketing management during lectures and class discussions. Application of such concepts and skills becomes the focus of the team project. This course will be of interest to students who wish either to pursue a career in the creative industries or to advance their knowledge of strategic marketing in the context of a challenging, rapidly changing environment.

Senior-level Courses

37574 International Trade and Korea (Professor Byung-il Choi)

(The course title is changed from Government and Politics of East Asia)

This course has two main objectives. Firstly, it aims to introduce basic concept and principles of international trade, in institutional and substantive aspects. It will focus on the norms and rules of multilateral trading system, in particular, the GATT and the WTO. However, it will also address regional trade agreements, such as FTA, which has been prevalent for more than a decade. On this basis, secondly, this course offers the analysis Korea's trade policy for last half a century in both multilateral and bilateral level.

37577 Special Topics in Korean Studies I (Professor Jun-shik Choi)

Students who have Korean language skills above Topik level 4 are recommended to take this upper-level course. 한국어능력 4급 이상인 학생들에게 추천함.  

37578 Korean Studies Capstone Design I (Professor Ji-hye Ha)

Students who already finish Reading Academic Korean I and Reading Academic Korean II are recommended to take this upper-level course. 이미 Reading Academic Korean I과 Reading Academic Korean II를 이수한 학생들에게 추천함.


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